How do I know which chain and bracelet size I need?

Chain length is mostly determined by personal preference. How a chain sits on one person may not be the same as on another. To know your preferred length you can do 1 of 2 things.

1) Take a necklace (or bracelet) you already own and lay it flat, measuring end to end
2) you can take a string and tie it to your desired length. Then as with the first method, measure end to end.

What is gold-filled jewelry? How is it different from Gold Plated? 

Gold-filled jewelry is made by sandwiching a core alloy in between two layers of gold. Gold-plated however is a core alloy that is dipped in gold. This leads to a thinner (and lesser) amount of actual gold in the piece. Gold-filled pieces will last a lifetime so long as they are well maintained. Gold-plated however, doesn't have this luxury. It can easily be affected by heat, water, or wear. 

Why use gold-filled when gold-plated is cheaper?

Quality. Plain and simple. We wanted to create pieces that will last. Pieces that can be worn and day in and day out without fear of wear. 

Why source in the USA?

While it is true that you can easily source pieces cheaper from China, India, or other countries that produce wholesale jewelry components; here at Lillian Jude we strive to support the mom and pop shop. By supporting these smaller businesses, and insuring that all pieces are made in the USA, we can rest assured that we are not only helping maintain jobs, but that the conditions in which those laborers work is a clean and safe environment! So help us support the "little guy" and let's celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit!

Can I order wholesale?

For more information, visit our Wholesale page HERE.

How do I properly care for my Lillian Jude piece? 

While gold-filled jewelry should not tarnish, it is encouraged to practice proper care. All jewelry should be stored properly away from moisture, i.e. your bathroom. Gold-filled jewelry can be cleaned with warm water and a gentle soap. Allow to air dry over night. Then using a polishing cloth, bring out the sparkle! With periodic polishing your piece will continue to look shiny and new!

What if my chain snaps?

Every piece is guaranteed ONE free chain replacement, if needed. While it is not a common occurrence for our chains to snap, life happens. If for whatever reason your chain happens to break, simply contact us with an attached photo, and we will gladly replace it. FREE of charge! 

How much is shipping? Do you ship internationally?

Domestic shipping is free! International shipping is available, however, the buyer is responsible for shipping, and all custom fees or charges that may occur. 

Why do Catholics pray to the Saints, and is it true that you worship Mary?

This is one of the most common misconceptions about Catholics. We Catholics do not worship Mary, we venerate her; which simply means we regard her with great respect. She is the mother of Christ, Our Lord and Savior! Our Lord, God the Father chose her to be the mother of His Son - and we honor her accordingly. "Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God." - Luke 1:30. 

In regards to why we pray to the Saints, and Our Lady, it is a simple one. We know that these holy men and women are in heaven with Christ the King. The same way we ask for our friends and family here on earth to pray for us, for our family members who have passed away to look after us, we too ask the Saints to intercede for us. Praying to someone is not the same as worshipping them. To pray means to make a solemn request of help (intercession), or to offer up thanks (praise). We are simply calling upon those who we know are closer to Christ than we are, to help us - and which among us couldn't use the extra help?

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions and concerns.