Total Consecration Bracelet
Total Consecration Bracelet
Total Consecration Bracelet
Total Consecration Bracelet

Total Consecration Bracelet

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What does it mean to be consecrated to Jesus through Mary?

Consecration: To set aside for a Sacred purpose. Mary’s life was set aside for the sole purpose of serving our Lord. We look to her as an example, showing us the path to give ourselves completely to Christ.


To help grow in holiness, increase our faith, hope, and love. We consecrate ourselves so we can grow in our devotion to Our Lord and Our Lady.


True Devotion to Mary: with Preparation for the Total Consecration 
- by St. Louis de Montfort


Why the chain?


(by St. Louis de Montfort)

 It is very praiseworthy and helpful for those who have become slaves of Jesus in Mary to wear, in token of their slavery of love, a little chain blessed with a special blessing.

It is perfectly true, these external tokens are not essential and may very well be dispensed with by those who have made this consecration. Nevertheless, I cannot help but give the warmest approval to those who wear them. They show they have shaken off the shameful chains of the slavery of the devil, in which original sin and perhaps actual sin had bound them, and have willingly taken upon themselves the glorious slavery of Jesus Christ. Like St. Paul, they glory in the chains they wear for Christ. For though these chains are made only of iron they are far more glorious and precious than all the gold ornaments worn by monarchs.

At one time, nothing was considered more contemptible than the Cross. Now this sacred wood has become the most glorious symbol of the Christian faith. Similarly, nothing was more ignoble in the sight of the ancients, and even today nothing is more degrading among unbelievers than the chains of Jesus Christ. But among Christians nothing is more glorious than these chains, because by them Christians are liberated and kept free from the ignoble shackles of sin and the devil.

Thus set free, we are bound to Jesus and Mary not by compulsion and force like galley-slaves, but by charity and love as children are to their parents. "I shall draw them to me by chains of love" said God Most High speaking through the prophet. Consequently, these chains are as strong as death, and in a way stronger than death, for those who wear them faithfully till the end of their life. For though death destroys and corrupts their body, it will not destroy the chains of their slavery, since these, being of metal, will not easily corrupt. It may be that on the day of their resurrection, that momentous day of final judgment, these chains, still clinging to their bones, will contribute to their glorification and be transformed into chains of light and splendour. Happy then, a thousand times happy, are the illustrious slaves of Jesus in Mary who bear their chains even to the grave."

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3.9mm gold-filled dapped oval cable chain
3.5mm rose gold-filled round cable chain
3.7mm sterling silver flat cable chain

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